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The biggest hurdle most new entrepreneurs face is picking a niche to focus on and products to sell. And that’s understandable⁠—it’s likely the biggest decision you’ll make for your business and will have long-term consequences on its success or failure. The most common mistake at this stage is picking dropshipping items based on personal interest or passion. This is an acceptable strategy if being interested in the product, as opposed to having a successful business, is your primary objective. But if your top priority is to build a profitable site, you’ll want to consider setting your personal passions aside when doing market research.

Massage guns are high-powered tools that emit vibrations meant to relax muscle tightness and increase blood flow. Recently, they’ve become a popular post-workout ritual for athletes, but massage guns can be used by anyone experiencing tense muscles and joint pain.
Massage guns were introduced just before Christmas 2019 and quickly became a popular gift idea. Search interest held steady through the summer, owing a lot to fitness bloggers and influencers, many of whom featured the product over the summer. Demand increased again throughout the 2020 holiday season and is poised to continue with high interest throughout 2021.

Entering the era of science and technology, make massage more "intelligent". Different users, differentiated needs, COOR can easily meet. In order to bring consumers a scientific and professional relaxation experience and drive away the fatigue after exercise, COOR has conducted in-depth research on different user groups, and has combined professional high-end models, home practical models and professional sports models with innovation. Under the condition of ensuring the impact strength and frequency, the noise and heat are reduced, and the quiet sound is like a whisper in the ear, whether it is in a noisy gym or a quiet office, you can enjoy it to the fullest. 3 different types of massage heads, including spherical head, flat head and U-shaped head, are made of soft and skin-friendly food-grade silicone to reduce vibration and impact on the human body and take care of every muscle group on the body.

Humanized design has always been the focus of COOR's attention. Design details such as wireless portability, one-button control, and portable storage are reflected in all aspects of the product, enhancing the user experience to the extreme.


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