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The pet market is one of the hottest consumer markets in recent years. As people's demand for pet products changes, COOR and Alfapet have launched a new pet dryer, redefining the innovation of pet smart products.

The new generation of pet dryers put the needs of cats and dogs in the first place, starting from comfort, safety, convenience, functionality and other aspects, completely liberating hands, and perfectly solving all the troubles of shit shoveling officers.

The sleek lines and friendly color matching constitute a safe environment; the more open transparent cover design allows pets to get 360° comprehensive attention, soothing the emotions during drying; the negative ion drying function provides fresh air for pets The general bathing experience; the upper and lower circulation wind system, centralized blowing, double the drying effect. Aside from the drying function, it has transformed into a warm nest for pets in daily life. One machine is multi-purpose, truly caring, and detonated the pet supplies market.


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