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Fufu (including the name of foofoo variant, foufou, fufufuo) is the staple food of many countries in Africa and the Caribbean. It is usually made from cassava powder and can also be replaced by coarse flour or corn flour. It can also be made by boiling starchy food crops such as sweet potatoes or cooked bananas and mashing them into a dough like consistency.
Cassava was introduced into Brazil in Africa by Portuguese businessmen in the 16th century. In Ghana, before cassava was introduced, fufu used yam. In some cases, it is made with cooked bananas. In Nigeria and Cameroon, fufu is white and sticky (e.g. plantain is not mixed with cassava when impacted). The traditional way to eat fufu is to pinch a piece of fufu into a ball with the fingers of a person's right hand, and then dip it into the soup and swallow it.
Fufu actually originated from the Asante ethnic group in Ghana, which was discovered and changed by immigrants from Nigeria, Togo and C ô te d'Ivoire. Nigeria calls it fufufuo, which has two meanings: one is "white", which is called fufuo in this tribal language, and the other is that the production method (tamping) is called Fu Fu. This is the origin of the word fufu.

FUFU is one of the traditional staple foods in Africa and is widely loved by local people. It is usually made by hand, and although it looks easy to cook, it is a test of the chef's production skills, and the proficiency of cooking often directly determines its delicious level. COOR fully communicated with customers from Africa, combined customer needs with the habits of African consumers, and designed a fully intelligent FUFU cooking machine.

Through in-depth background investigation and user research, COOR extracted the traditional African FUFU cooking steps, and optimized them through intelligent design, considering the design details and practical performance of the product from the user's point of view, and finally designed this FUFU machine.

Sleek shape, soft lines and simple colors are the characteristics of this FUFU machine. Soft and friendly lines, with a warm and rounded touch, contrast with the minimalist black and silver, making the whole design salty and sweet, bringing users endless enjoyment when cooking. Users only need to pour the prepared ingredients and water into the machine, set the parameters, and then they can get a delicious FUFU. It completely liberates the hands of users, effectively improves the quality of life of African consumers, and provides users with a more intelligent, technological and convenient cooking experience.


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