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Austin Air Systems was conceived more than three decades ago when the company’s founder, the late Richard Taylor, set out to help his wife, Joyce. Joyce suffered from lifelong respiratory difficulties that did not improve with medications or dietary changes. Finally, the couple realized the air Joyce was breathing was contaminated. Modeling after the technology already utilized in leading medical facilities, Richard set out to reproduce the only environment where Joyce felt relief – her hospital room. Using a combination of True Medical HEPA and Activated Carbon, Richard engineered a filter to specifically target particulate contamination and chemical toxicity. Within one week, Joyce began sleeping undisturbed through the night.At first, Richard built just a few units in his home workshop. The next year he built approximately 1,500 units in a leased workspace. As it turned out, Joyce was not the only one who benefited from Richard’s design. Tens of thousands of people began to experience relief as well. Today Austin Air Systems is the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world. Today, Austin Air remains the original maker of high-end filtration systems. Sold in more than 100 countries, they maintain the largest air cleaner manufacturing facility in the world, at 480,000 square feet. The company is proud to assemble everything in-house in Buffalo, New York.

Chinese households have a multi-room layout. Traditional air purifiers can purify a single space fixedly, which cannot drive indoor air circulation, and cannot quickly and efficiently purify the whole house of formaldehyde, odor, bacteria and other pollutants. Therefore, an air purifier that can effectively purify the whole house is scarce on the market. In response to this pain point, COOR designed a brand new air purifier for Austin by combining appearance design and functional design.

Low-noise universal casters enable it to be flexibly moved to various spaces, one is enough for living room/bedroom/study. Strong multi-angle air supply, whether it is the air circulation of the whole house or the precise purification of the breathing area, it can be easily satisfied. The 5-layer high-precision filtration system allows users to bid farewell to gaseous pollution, not disturbed by pungent odors, lingering in fresh air, and caring for their families. The large LED screen design improves the human-computer interaction and makes the data more visualized. High-end texture, smooth lines, simple colors, integrated with modern home, it is an ideal model for home life.


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