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Dapu is a brand founded by Wang Zhiquan, the former founder of kuba.com, in 2012. It is also Wang Zhiquan's second entrepreneurship project after kuba.com. It is a home brand e-commerce committed to "high security, high quality and high cost performance". Since its development for more than three years, Dapu has been called "China's MUJI products" by the industry and consumers because of its unique product layout and market positioning.

As an Internet brand company, Dapu adopts omni-channel marketing strategy. In addition to its own independent channels such as the official website, app and wechat mall, it has opened a number of flagship stores on domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms such as tmall, jd.com and vipshop, and opened physical stores in more than 10 cities across the country to explore and practice the "o2o" marketing strategy of opening up online and offline. Home furnishing communities based on mobile Internet have been established in social marketing and fan marketing. Leading the home industry's "Internet plus" direction and practice through various innovative activities.

Dapu's leading business model, excellent entrepreneurial team and excellent business philosophy have been favored by the capital market. Up to now, it has completed round a, round B and round C financing. Among them, Luolai life is one of the investors in its round B. Round C financing was launched on the jd.com crowdfunding platform in March 2016, raising 35 million yuan in 18 minutes and breaking 40 million yuan in 68 minutes, setting a new record for jd.com's equity crowdfunding. Dapu has become a dark horse in the home textile and home furnishing industry, and is walking on the road of steady brand development.

"Starting with truth, ending with goodness, starting with simplicity, and becoming beautiful", Dapu is a furniture aesthetic and an attitude to life.

Adhering to this positive brand philosophy, COOR perfectly integrates modernism and practical technology with innovative technology, and has created an air fryer with "retro and light luxury" as the main style for Dapu, advocating people's "life in the city". Under the fast pace", we must also pursue "quality life".

Different from the same type of products on the market, this air fryer defines female users as mainstream users and quickly enters the market. In terms of functional upgrades, the 3D cyclone circulation system spreads 360°C high-temperature hot air throughout the machine cavity to accelerate the crisping of food, which is suitable for various cooking needs. In terms of material selection, we chose a food-grade contact non-stick coating, which can be washed easily, and the oil traces are gone, which solves the pain points of traditional air fryers. In terms of color matching, we use the exquisite and elegant Morandi green as the main color of the product, and then embellish it with rose gold, interpreting the fusion of personality and retro, with mysterious rhythm, agility, and accurate positioning of the aesthetic needs of female users.


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