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Ningbo Yongan Medical Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd(Former Jiangbei the second Medical Device Manufacturing Co.,Ltd) was established in 1972. It is located in Qiushi Village, Hongtang Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province.

The company has obtained the "medical device manufacturing enterprise license" issued by Zhejiang food and medical supervision, "medical device product registration certificate" and "special equipment manufacturing license" issued by Zhejiang bureau of quality and technical supervision .the company has been producing pressure-steam sterilization , ultrasonic cleaning machine, spring-type safety valve,and other sterilization fittings .The company has been focusing on the research and development of pressure steam sterilizer for many years, and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services.

The factory has management departments such as production department, technology department, quality control department, supply and marketing department, financial department and other. It has metal workshop, assemble safety valve workshop, sterilizer assembly workshop, raw material warehouse, semi-finished product storehouse, test facility, record room and other production and office facilities for product processing. It also has lathe, milling, grinding and drilling machine for sterilizer and safety valve manufacturing. The test equipment used for testing such as air pressure source, pressure test pump, spring test machine, pressure gauge, pressure withstanding tester and ammeter can meet the needs of sterilizers, valves and other products that can meet pressure sterilization and safety valve requirements.

The company has been keeping the company's quality policy and quality objectives, and constantly innovates to provide users with the best quality products and services.

Traditional medical sterilizers often only consider performance, but ignore the user's experience. "Single function, outdated design, cumbersome steps" is their common problem.

Therefore, COOR broke the routine in the design process. While focusing on core functions such as "safety" and "health", it introduced design concepts such as "interconnection", "intelligence", "environmental protection" and "big data" to create a functional Modular, high-end intelligent, mobile internet integrated intelligent medical purification machine.
In terms of function upgrade, we choose to use vacuum pressure steam to achieve sterilization effect, add intelligent sterilization mode to save power, and adopt detachable screen touch control, which is convenient for users to control remotely.
In terms of design innovation, we have added a self-locking function to prevent operators from being burned by high-temperature steam. In terms of appearance, we use the simplest geometric shapes to create a minimalist appearance for the product, which is simple and elegant, exquisite and beautiful.


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